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Case studies

Nicholson Court, Leeds, LS8

How did you initially hear about Shower People? On your Doorstep magazine. The advert really stood out to me, I liked the element of it being a family run business and not knowing other options, I thought I would find out more about how they could assist with my bathroom ideas. When you contacted Shower People how helpful were the office staff? Oh yes I was very impressed, I could not have gone through the approval stage without Amanda’s help. Nicholson Court requires a lot of paperwork and forms to be completed, to make sure the company you’ve chosen is up to their high standards. I couldn’t believe just how much there was to do, Amanda did most of it for me. I would have never been able to produce those documents. All the staff I spoke to were helpful. What was your experience like with our surveyor Simon? Simon? He was lovely, I was very impressed with him, Simon sold the business to both myself and my son, whom I had asked to be there for a second opinion. He offered suggestions, layouts and ideas with no pressure. I felt very comfortable with him and I listened to his ideas. Did the computerised design match your expectations? Yes it did, there were many updates, I kept changing my mind (laughs), I didn’t think I would end up with a bathroom with a colour like I have, but I love it yes, the final pictures gave good representations of the finished product. Would you say the free estimate was reasonably priced? Yes, it was better than expected, so good I didn’t look at another company, usually if I had lived where I did previously I would have, but I didn’t feel I needed to after receiving the price. Were you happy with the installation procedure? Well I actually decided to go to Great Yarmouth on holiday whilst the bathroom work was done, I felt comfortable leaving my apartment key and fob with the Shower People to get on with it whilst I was on holiday. When I decided on doing up my kitchen, I was staying with my son as I knew I could trust Shower People with my home, they gave me regular updates as things progressed. How was the finished product? So happy with it, even now I still admire it, when it came around to looking at doing my kitchen and saw Shower People were now doing kitchens I called to book another survey with Simon. Initially I was going to give my kitchen a small makeover by just getting the cupboard doors changed, but decided to go for it and get a complete new kitchen makeover which looks great! Have you had to contact Shower People after your renovations and why? Yes, my fan was making a strange noise, I called and explained, Shower People returned the next day. The engineer was here for quite a while trying to find out what the fault was, he traced the fault, he fixed it and I have had no other problems with it at all. Another time, as I’ve mentioned, after completion of my bathroom, my sister and I decided to make a day out of it and visit the showroom on the bus with ideas for my kitchen. In store, we discussed designs colours, finishes and appliances. The staff at the showroom were so friendly. After getting on the wrong bus and a very helpful bus driver we finally arrived home with a date in the diary to start my kitchen, a very good end to the day! Is there anything you would like to add regarding your experience with Shower People? I was really grateful for all of the help at the beginning with all the advice and guidance with the processes, I had been steered in the wrong direction previously and didn’t know quite what to do with the authorisation process and how it works. Just a really good family run business. Finally, would you recommend Shower People? Yes indeed (laughs) I already have, quite a few people have had work done in this building due to my recommendations, in fact a new homeowner is getting their bathroom done right now downstairs. When the homeowner bought the property the housing manager recommended Shower People. It’s good to go with a recommendation isn’t it? Usually the best way. Interview taken between Shower People & resident. November 2023.

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